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This tour not only takes you to some of the most important archaeological sites but it is also designed to bring you closer to the natural beauties of the Greek country side, where history meets tradition.


Yes it possible!  We can visit within a day Aegina, one the most beautiful and historical Greek islands.


This tour gives us the opportunity to visit and explore the places where St. Paul preached to the ancient Greeks in Athens and Corinth, in a day.


This tour is like an introduction to the present and to the old Greek religion, Christianity and the Gods of Olympus.  Within a day we are going to visit a major ancient religious centre “Eleusis” and two of the oldest and most famous monasteries “Daphni” and “Oss. Patapios”.


Athens is a city full of museums!



An excursion to the mountains of Arcadia in central Peloponesse is our suggestion for hiking, either for a day trip or with an overnight in a traditional hotel in Dimitsana.


Skiing is a very popular activity among Greeks, especially the young ones.   At present, 19 ski resorts operate in Greece all of them fully equipped and situated in ideal locations.


Here are our suggestions for fun for the whole family!   Children will love them!


There are two casinos near Athens. Both are housed in beautiful hotels and operate seven days a week.

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