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Corporate Business

As I have already mentioned Private Greece Tours does not only cater for the needs of tourists.  Local and foreign businessmen trust us to assist them during their business in Greece.   Both through direct contact and through our collaboration with the best hotels in Athens we work with multinational companies, private bankers, investors, representatives of industries etc.  

We guarantee professionalism, punctuality and confidentiality.  We are always eager to assist in any way possible and we try to relieve the stress of hectic business days.  We know very well how stressful consecutive meetings and pressing timetables can be. Our services are offered around the clock at competitive prices and special packages.

Private Greece Tours can cater for every need. This means that if so requested we can provide the appropriate means of transportation for conventions, educational tours etc .  No group is too big for us and every request will be met in the best possible way.

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