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Terms & Conditions

The online reservation system used by “Private Greece Tours” (P.G.T. Tour Group) features secure server technology in order to ensure full encryption of your data and provide maximum security transmission over the Internet.
Please first send us your request using our CONTACT form, with all the specifics required in order to send you suggestions and prices. If you have any special requests or preferences please also mention them in the message box.
(The reason that you will not find prices displayed for the tours we offer, is because prices vary according to group size, type of vehicle, season, pick up/drop off location, etc.)

By continuing with your reservation you confirm that you have read all information below and that you accept “Private Greece Tours” (P.G.T. Tour Group) terms and conditions.

In order to finalize your booking please read carefully the following instructions and terms and conditions.


When, following correspondence, you decide you wish to book please let us know and we will send you a reservation form and instructions on how to do so through our secure reservation form.  It is important that you check the reservation form thoroughly to make sure that everything is quoted correctly. Private Greece Tours will not be held responsible if details are not quoted correctly.


When completing the secure reservation form please make sure that all details for the services you require are quoted correctly.  Private Greece Tours will not be held responsible if details are not quoted correctly.

In case of any error please contact us immediately and we will make all the necessary changes.


In order to avoid any mix ups and misunderstandings no booking changes will be accepted from third parties.

Changes can be made only by e-mail or text message.  If you do not receive confirmation that your message has been received please resend or call directly at 6932-203196 (Athens-Greece).  Please make sure to consider the possible time difference.

Booking alterations can be made always on availability.  We will try our best to accommodate but we can’t guarantee availability.

As our services are personalized we would appreciate it if you would notify us as soon as possible of any changes so that we will be able accommodate other requests.


Bookings can be cancelled only by e-mail or text message directly from the person with whom all correspondence has been made not by third parties.  In order for a cancellation to be valid Private Greece Tours has to acknowledge receipt by e-mail.

  • Bookings cancelled up to 6 days prior to the agreed date and time will not be charged.
  • Bookings cancelled from 5-3 days prior to the agreed date and time will be subject to a 50% cancellation fee.
  • Bookings cancelled 2 days (48 hours) prior to the agreed date will be fully charged.
  • No-shows of any service will be fully charged.
  • If you are arriving via cruise ship and your ship doesn’t dock due to bad weather or any other reason you will not be charged.


Upon confirmation of your booking you will receive all the necessary pick up information.

Your driver will be waiting for you on the agreed date and time at the designated pick up location.  Please do not leave the designated pick up location without your driver.  Please do not exit the Airport or the Port before you meet driver!

If you can’t locate your driver at the designated pick up location please call me immediately at my personal Greek mobile phone (6932-203196).

Your driver will wait for you one (1) hour over the agreed pick up time.  After this time your reservation will be regarded as a “no show”.  If you have been delayed due to unexpected circumstances (e.g. lost luggage at the Airport, disembarkation problem at Port etc) please contact me immediately at my personal Greek mobile phone (6932-203196).


Drivers in Greece are allowed by law to use hands-free when driving.  Your driver may have to answer calls during your tour as part of his job requirements.

Speed limits in Greece may be different from those in your country.  Our drivers will keep within these limits.  Please feel free to inform your driver if you would prefer a slower pace.  Your driver will be happy to accommodate always within the lawful higher and lowest speed limit.

Your driver will also be happy to accommodate if you wish more heat or cold in the vehicle’s cabin or if you wish him to speak louder.  If you wish to make an unplanned stop (e.g. because of car sickness, need of rest room etc) please let your driver know.  He will stop at the nearest safe available location. 

If at any point of your tour or transfer you have any requests, concerns or complaints you must let me know immediately so as to resolve the matter.  If you do not have an international cell phone to call me, your driver will be happy to call me from his own private phone.

Private Greece Tours will not be held responsible after the completion of any service if you do not voice any concerns as soon as these concerns arise during the service.


All vehicles are maintained and serviced according to both Mercedes Benz and state safety standards.  Even so unexpected mechanical problems or malfunctions may occur.  In this case Private Greece Tours will do its best of solve these issues and provide the best possible solution.

By booking our services you acknowledge that Private Greece Tours can’t be held responsible for any unexpected vehicles’ breakdown.

Private Greece Tours will not be held liable for any accident or injury sustained by clients by any third party, no matter how this is caused.

We strongly recommend that all visitors obtain a full travel insurance before travelling.

You are strongly advised to secure your personal belongings at all time, especially in crowded places.  Make sure your back pack and cameras are secure.  Never leave your cell phone unattended.  Keep small items safely in your pockets.  Private Greece Tours will not be held liable for any loss or theft.