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Questions And Answers

* How do we meet with our driver?

It depends on the pick up destination.

1. Airport

After collecting your luggage and clearing customs, if necessary, you will be directed to the public lounge.  There you will see many people waiting for the passengers some of them holding up signs with names on them.  Your driver will be there holding a sign with your name or whatever else you chose to be on it.  Many of our clients are prominent persons who prefer to travel incognito and so request other than their names to be posted on the signs.  So, your name on the sign will identify your driver.  Please make sure that you have my phone number with you and let me know immediately if you think something is not in order, for example an especially long wait for your luggage, or even missing luggage.  The driver will wait for you till 90 minutes after your plane lands.  If for some reason you miss your flight or your flight is cancelled or scheduled for a long delay please contact me and let me know of your new flight details.  This way you will avoid being charged. 

2. Cruise ships

There are two different terminals for cruise ships, Terminal A and Terminal B.  There is usually a shuttle connecting the two terminals.  DON’T TAKE IT!  Please exit from the gate that your cruise ship has docked. You will meet our driver in the public area just outside the gate, after clearing with customs (if necessary).  The driver will be holding a sign with your name on it.  Please take special care to verify with the driver that he is from our group.  Sometimes, when a surname is common, visitors get mixed up and follow a different driver!  Again make sure that you have my phone number with you and let me know immediately if you think something is not in order.

3. Ferries

When disembarking from the ferry there is usually  great commotion.  People and cars disembark at the same time.  For safety reasons port authorities do not allow people waiting to approach very near.  Your driver will be waiting for you with a sign with your name at the nearest possible spot.   Please take a look around as soon as you get off the ferry.

3. Hotels

Picking you up from a hotel is usually much easier than from anywhere else.  We usually park the car in front of the hotel and meet there.  Most of the times Doormen know us and can direct you to us too.  However, some hotels don’t have sufficient parking space at their main entrance and in case the driver does not find you in front of the hotel then he will make a small circle and come back again.  This only takes a few minutes.  Rest assured that he will be there for you.

* Are services charged per person?

No!  All our prices are per vehicle and per service offered.  The number of persons is irrelevant.  Participants can share the cost between them.

* Tipping policy in Greece.

Tips in Greece, as all over Europe, are optional.  However, a tip as a gesture of appreciation for good services offered  is expected.  There is no standard amount.   Usually anything between 10-20% is satisfactory.  It   goes without saying that it depends on the total amount of the bill.

* Do prices include taxes etc.?

Yes, our prices include taxes, insurance, fuel, tolls, and parking fees. Admission to sites and lunch are not included.