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Kid’s Fun

Here are our suggestions for fun for the whole family!   Children will love them!

Attica Park is one of the biggest animal parks in Europe, covering an area of 49 hectares.  It hosts a great variety of wild animals and birds some of which are very rare (white lions).  In fact it has the third largest bird collection in the world.

2) “ALLOU” FUN PARK“Allou” Fun Park is the biggest entertainment park in Athens.       
It’s definitely a place for the whole family, ideal for having fun together.

Very near the city center is one of the world’s biggest and best equipped digital Planetariums.  The central dome is 25m in diameter and has a surface area of 950 sq. m.  The screen has a 360 degree view.  It runs a variety of shows about space, wonders of  the world etc.  It also hosts periodic exhibitions.